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The American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Delivery of Legal Services selected Mauk & O’Connor, LLP as a recipient of Meritorious Recognition for the 2011 Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access.  The Brown Award recognizes programs and projects that employ innovative means to enable affordable access to legal services for those of moderate income, who do not qualify for legal aid yet lack the discretionary funds to pay the traditional costs of legal services.  The Committee was impressed by the firm’s aggressive use of attorney fee shifting provision of IDEA (the federal law on special education services for children with disabilities) to maintain a law practice for clients who are overwhelmingly low to moderate income families.

Mauk & O'Connor LLP is featured in a book recently published by the American Bar Association. Reinventing The Practice Of Law explores ways in which lawyers can change their practices to make things better - for themselves, their clients and their neighborhoods. The book encourages lawyers to step out of the mold and consider how they can create better practices when providing personal legal services.

The following is an article featuring one of our cases on the Wrightslaw website (a nationally respected special ed website):

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